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court.jpgHi, everyone! It’s Courtney here. I realize some of my posts over at MySpace may have mistakenly given the impression that I am not of completely sound mind. (Body’s another issue…LOL!) So I’ve set up this tumblr (now that’s a spelling I can identify with…LOL!) account to prove that I am fully capable of spelling and grammar and stuff, and maybe a little OUTSPOKEN, but hardly crazy. So NO, I don’t type those things after cutting my fingertips with an Exacto blade. And NO, I’m not bipolar, despite what you read at TMZ. (Harvey Levin can eat my farts!) And YES I’ve had $69 million stolen from me by electronic identity thieves.

See you all soon with more completely coherent thoughts!


P.S. Thanks a zillion to my assistant Liza for setting up the blog, typing it out for me when I dictate it over the phone, making it look all nice for you, etc…I don’t know what I’d do without her LOL!